Handmade in single to small batches. Since our products are fresh, natural and organic they have a shelf-life and to reduce waste we make the products in single to small batches.

The formulations which include hand ground or hand crushed ingredients are mixed by hand.

Our products are freshly made with ingredients sourced directly from farms.

Our ingredients are organic.

We use the minimum number of ingredients possible. Our current products contain just three to four ingredients all listed on this site.

The products are packaged by hand. Every label is placed with human hands. 

Each product is made independently from beginning to end. One person made your product and packaged it.

The packaging is made of materials that are easier to recycle than plastic: glass and aluminum. 

Our ingredients are in their most effective states and are unprocessed. For example, our rose water never sees light and is packaged in a light sensitive bottle. True and pure rose hydrosol is light sensitive and loses its potency when exposed to light. In addition, our aloe vera is stabilized on the farm so we are using aloe vera that is in the state it is in when cut from the leaf. 

Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. Mr. Christmas Elf is created by a plant-based individual.

Mr. Christmas Elf is inspired by Scandinavian design, interiors, living and landscape, art, fashion, health, the planet, nature and minimalism.